Interstellar Flower Power is an ambient twin-stick style shooter developed and scored by Walter Young. Your role? An interstellar flower, alone in the dark universe.

Your mission? Fight the Nihilists, collect the light, and return to the sun!



Interstellar Flower Power is a fresh take on a decades old genre--the space shooter. Interstellar Flower Power is a Windows 2D sidescroller featuring twin-stick shooter style gameplay and highly stylized graphics. Using keyboard/mouse and gamepad, up to 4 local players race to destroy enemies and collect sunlight to level-up and grow in power, as the graphics and gameplay align with the ebb and flow of the original sound track.

Gameplay Features

  • Battle over a dozen different enemy types.
  • Play through ten dynamic spacescapes, journeying through the original soundtrack (Soundtrack available as well!).
  • Two difficulty settings and a choice between Free Play or Challenge mode make the game approachable to casual players or difficult enough for the most hardcore shooter fan.
  • Destroy relentless waves of enemies and collect sunlight to level-up and grow in power.
  • Playable using gamepad or mouse & keyboard.
  • Play solo or with up to four players on the same PC.


Interstellar Flower Power has been greenlit by voters on Steam Greenlight, and will soon be available for PC. Visit Interstellar Flower Power's Steam page for more information.

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